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REAL PASTURED Chicken CSA Delivery and Farmers Market Dates

6/2/2014 5:30pm



Taking online orders for 3-3.5 lb. whole chickens for delivery to the below listed locations. To order, please CLICK HERE.

Farmers Markets

Little Italy Farmers Mercato

 Sunday, November 22, 8am-2pm
La Jolla Open-Aire Farmers Market

 Sunday, November 23, 9am-1pm

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6/1/2014 6:44pm


No fenced dirt yard here, folks - only real pasture!

Our chickens are moved to a fresh place on real pasture every single day, while safely free-ranging inside a bottomless movable pen. New forage: new soil, new grass, new bugs introduced every day! No filth, no antibiotics!

See for yourself how your meat was raised!

  To visit our Photo Gallery, Click Here!

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10/1/2013 3:07pm


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Taking Online Chicken CSA Orders!

9/29/2013 7:15pm


Place a chicken order online (see pick-up locations), or come early and purchase at the farmers market.

We've increased our monthly flock numbers from 120 to 200 birds!  We will now have more chicken available to sell each month!  We've also added a new farmers market/pick-up location - Rancho San Diego Farmers Market.

Please, tell your friends!  Let them know where you find humanely-raised, pastured, antibiotic-free, organic-fed chickens!

Delivery Locations:


  Vista Farmers Market   8am-1pm

  Poway Farmers Market   8am-1pm

  Encinitas Residence Pick-up Site   2pm-2:45pm

  Escondido Egger Residence  8am-Noon

  Little Italy Mercato  8am-2pm


  La Jolla Farmers Market  9am-1pm


  Waldorf School/City Heights Pick-up Site   2pm-6pm

  Point Loma Pick-up Site   4pm-6pm


*For addresses and directions to these locations



DREAMERS: Artist, Muscian, Farmer, Rancher, Friends, Partners

9/17/2013 5:54pm


Thanks for supporting our dream:

Living Earth Ranch - Pastured Chickens!




September Delivery Dates

9/10/2013 2:44pm


September 21 - Saturday 

VISTA FARMERS' MARKET -  8:00am-1:00am

ENCINITAS DROP-SITE - 2:00pm-2:45pm

September 23 - Monday


POINT LOMA DROP-SITE - 4:00pm-6:00pm


Place orders ONLINE for pick-up at these locations

or purchase directly from us at the farmers' market.


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